The Designer


Italian by birth and culture, Federica Rettore  developed an international awareness in design while living some years in  U.S.A. during her youth.
In 1989, her sculpture “The Fall of Angels” was the only opus to represent the New Liberal Art Academy of Milan at the Liberal Art Student Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. In 1994, she established her own company, Rettore s.a.s., to design and to produce her own line of jewelry.

Her creations, already subject of collectors in Italy and in USA, are also valued by  demanding international upscale stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Aspen, Vail.

Federica creations are also sold in Japan, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. Many fashion and jewelry magazines have highlighted her jewelry collection, including Elle, Vogue (Italy, Germany, Spain, USA and Japan), Vogue Jewelry, and W magazine.

Federica has showcased her collection at specialty trade fairs: Couture Las Vegas (USA), in 2011 she won a Couture design award. From 2005 through 2008, while designing her own collection and running her company, she also managed the design team of Gucci’s jewelry, reporting to Frida Giannini, Art Director of the fashion house Gucci.


“How can we frame the sound of the sea or tie up to a finger the joy of living or challenge the preciosity of gold, the refinement of gems, the elegance of pearls to make out of each jewel a perfect match of art and nature?”

Ask Federica Rettore

This artist makes jewels with creative fancy, freedom of ideas and eclectic use of materials, from the most precious to most unusual, that only seldom can be seen out of a painting. It’s not by chance that Federica believes that a jewel is “a small sculpture to wear and never to doff” to keep the unison of amorous senses seek in matching metals to gems, precious woods to corals, pearls to steel.

And for those who believes, why not to think that a rare yellow pastel chalcedony, on a fine ring, it can also cheer up the all day, or that a ruby root may have good influence on the heart, albeit hanging on an earring?

Fantasy has no boundaries; same it goes for love to fine art crafts. It’s difficult to label Federica’s style; it’s restricting to term her only as a designer.

In more than 23 years of creative work, from her pencil and her restless aesthetic research have taken form a multitude of unusual rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and pendant. All with refined artistic taste, products and ideas to forge jewels for many years to come. Never the less Federica, like a fashion atelier, readies two new jewel collections a year.

Unique pieces all with a great visual impact, where gold comes in its warmest shades, elegantly bent coral accommodates collets and precious inlays, Mabè pearls get in still upside down; where semi precious stones yet little used in jewellery come with irregular faceting, pearls are never globular, diamonds are better if they are rough.

All tunes of the same chord tied up in an absolute harmony, with an inedited alternate of solid and void, of rigors and levity, of transparency and embroidery, of tradition and vanguard, of proximity and remoteness.